A blanket of darkness surrounds me
I feel an evil clutch
Captured in a world of pain
With hands forbidden to touch

Silence is my only friend
I cannot make a sound
I have to do just what he says
No safe place is found

I cannot move nor run away
There is nowhere to go
He won’t hear whatever I say
I always tell him no

It doesn’t matter what I say
He will not listen to me
He has to have his own way
I beg him to set me free

He claws and scratches at my skin
And the scars now run so deep
Memories are locked within
Memories I have to keep

But holding all of this inside
Hurts more than I can bare
I really wish I could have died
As he made me just lay there

I prayed so many times
For god to take me away
To remove me from these awful crimes
I asked him everyday

But god did not hear my call
He would not answer me
He just let me suffer it all
Because I am unworthy!

A blanket of darkness


by Eternal -Hope

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